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  • East Lions Park Space Opening for Summer Use

    London’s Ward 2 residents have some new recreation amenities to enjoy now that the majority of East Lions Park is open for use starting today.

    The park boasts a brand-new tennis court, two dedicated pickleball courts, a full basketball court, walking paths and even a couple sets of lounge chairs to enjoy the scenery. A unique first in London, the park also features a ping pong table with a metal net – just bring your paddles and a ping pong ball and you are all set to play. All of these features are now ready for the public to get out and enjoy.

    image of pickleball courts

    pickleball courts

    image of ping pong table

    ping pong table

    image of basketball court

    basketball court









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  • Community Safety & Crime Prevention Townhall

    Community safety and concerns about crime have been on the rise in Ward 2 and across the city recently.

    There is a sense that incidents of cars, sheds, and homes being broken into are on the rise in our area. This sense is not limited to the Argyle area. Council members from across the city, whether it is Councillor Lehman in Oakridge, or Councillor Peloza in White Oaks, or Councillor Squire in Old North, we are hearing these concerns all across the city.

    In response to concerns I recently hosted a virtual townhall meeting with Constable Fickling and PC Fountain from the London Police Service.

    If you are interested but were unable to attend, we recorded the video:

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  • Brydges & Wavell Bike Lane Summer 2021

    This summer will see the city move forward with bike lanes on Brydges & Wavell Street. The project will also travel up Saskatoon and eventually continue up Second St. to Fanshawe College.
    This is part of the city’s “Cycling Master Plan” but we are moving ahead several years early because an alternate funding opportunity arose.
    Wavell bike lane map

    Residents will know I’ve voted different ways on different cycling projects around the city. To me, they have to make sense. This is one that makes a lot of sense to me.
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