• Statement on Blackridge Strategies

    During the 2018 Municipal Election Campaign, I contracted work to Blackridge Strategies for 2 items. Those items were a phone poll in Ward 2 to gage voter sentiments and a “get out the vote” phone message on Election Day as I did not have the capacity to execute these two items myself.  I chose Blackridge because they were local, not some firm out of Ottawa or Toronto.

    Throughout the campaign, my social media, printed materials and website content were produced 100% by me and my campaign team, not Blackridge Strategies.

    I consider former Councillor Ridley a friend, and in fact shared a campaign platform announcement with her, so recent news regarding a smear campaign allegedly coming from individuals with Blackridge bothers me considerably. Criticizing former Councillor Ridley’s parenting is especially troublesome to me because as someone who also has a parental role there have been occasions when a child in my care has had occupied themselves at city hall while I’ve had to fulfilled council duties. I have not faced criticism for this and I think that illustrates the double standard women unfairly face.

    Politics can be combative, but the focus should be the issues facing our community. Obviously in light of recent developments, I will not be contracting future work with Blackridge Strategies.

  • End of 2018 Update

    Today we say goodbye to 2018 and prepare to start a new year. There is no doubt the future holds both challenges and opportunities for our city, and I’m confident we are ready to face them! Please take a minute to read this Ward 2 update and let me know what your priorities for City Hall are in 2019 by clicking the link at the end that will take you to a short survey.

    Today also marks the end of my first month as your city councillor and it has been a busy time. The first thing any new council has to tackle is the appointment of councillors to standing committees, as well as the appointment of both councillors and citizens at large to the 25 boards and commissions our city has.

    In addition to being your Ward 2 Council representative I will be serving as a representative on: Continue Reading

  • Now Hosting #LdnOnt on Rogers TV


    I am honoured to be the new host, as of January 2016, on #LdnOnt TV London. The #LdnOnt TV show talks about current affairs in London (and the occasional provincial or federal topic) as seen through Londoner’s discussions on social media.

    Lots of traditions of #LdnOnt will be sticking around. Each week I’ll still have a guest on with me, we’ll still have “shout outs”, and your tweets will still be a part of the show. But we’re also trying some new things. We’re going to be trying to include more facebook, along with twitter chat. The show will be a bit more political, and because I’m someone who would consider himself a bit left of centre, some guests will be returning semi-regularly to talk about the issues from a right of centre view, and we might not always agree.

    And as my twitter profile will tell you, I’m a sci-fi and comic book geek, hockey fan and volunteer, and cool uncle, on top of being a political animal. So, don’t expect a button down and tie, the t-shirts will tell that tale.

    I hope you’ll tune in, we’re live, Thursday nights at 9:30pm (and sometimes delayed if the Knights game runs late, but I’m okay with that, I can catch the end of the game in studio).  And be part of the conversation with us. On twitter at: @LdnOntTV. On Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/LdnOntTV/?ref=hl



  • Annual Low Cost Transit for Secondary Students

    Over the course of the past year, I’ve been working to help my friend Josh Morgan develop some policy ideas for his campaign for a city council seat in Ward 7. One of the issues we identified early on was the need to improve London Transit access to secondary school students.

    This idea would also make it much easier for students to participate in after school sports and clubs, to get a part time job, or to be more easily available to help out with family chores and errands.

    Continue Reading

  • Taking the Active Communities Pledge

    As a student in elementary and secondary school, I walked or rode my bike to school pretty well daily. So did a great number of the kids I went to school with. The physical exercise did us good, even if we didn’t realize it. We need to foster an environment that allows us to get away from driving our children to school daily and get back to letting children walk or bike to school. That’s why I’ve signed on to the Active Communities Pledge for School Board Trustees.

    There’s a link for voter’s to take a pledge too!

    You can learn more about this initiative at: http://www.activecommunitiespledge.ca

  • Seeing Our Schools in Action

    I believe trustees have a duty to visit our schools and see for themselves what goes on during a regular day. That is the reason my first campaign commitment is simple. If elected, I pledge to visit 2 of the schools I am elected to represent–during the school day–each month during the school year.

    This doesn’t mean a photo-op visit with the principal, but a genuine visit to talk to parents, teachers, support staff, union representatives, and the students themselves.

    Through my website and social media, I will let constituents know which schools I have visited.