• School Board Trustee Candidates call for lower speed limits near schools

    Speed limits in school zones should be lowered, several trustee and ward candidates say.

    “Many municipalities in Canada and Europe do this, and we should ask, ‘Why not London? Why not give parents a sense of safety in school zones?’” said Jake Skinner, running for the Thames Valley District school board in the area that includes wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13.

    Skinner has reached out to fellow trustee candidate Shawn Lewis (running in wards 1, 11, 12 and 14) as well as council candidates Virginia Ridley (Ward 10), Nancy McSloy (Ward 2), Tanya Park (Ward 13), Anna Hopkins (Ward 9) and Josh Morgan (Ward 7).

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  • Slow Down for Schools Candidates Say

    LONDON–A pedestrian struck by a car traveling 30 km/h has a 90 per cent chance of survival. At 40 km/h this drops to 60 per cent and the chance of survival reduces even further as the speed increases. Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, and major cities across North America have adopted lower school zone speed limits as a strategy to protect kids.

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  • Campaign Donors List

    The Thames Valley District School Board Trustees have the final vote on an annual budget of about $1 billion. While my vote would NEVER be for sale, I feel it is nonetheless important to be open and transparent about who has supported my campaign for a Trustee position.

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  • Endorsements for Shawn

    My friend and long time constituency assistant Shawn Lewis has worked hard helping our community through my office for the past 8 years. Now he wants to put that same work ethic and community focus to work for the next generation of Londoners, our students, as a Trustee for the Thames Valley District School Board. I’m supporting Shawn in this election and hope Londoners in Wards 1, 11, 12, 14 will consider lending him their vote.

    Irene Mathyssen,

    Member of Parliament for London-Fanshawe

    I would like to endorse Shawn Lewis for School Board Trustee. I have worked with Shawn over the years on many projects and London would be very well served with Shawn’s voice on the Board of Education. We need people with vision to ensure our children get the best and Shawn is the person to do this.

    Gary Brown, Vice President Old South Community Organization

    As a longtime delegate to the London District Labour Council for CEP, and now as a member of UFCW Canada, Shawn is one of only two trustee candidates in London who received an endorsement from the London District Labour Council.

  • On School Closures and the ARC process

    On Tuesday September 30th, I participated in the TVDSB public meeting in regard to the South Central London ARC on closing Hamilton Rd. schools (the schools in this consideration are Aberdeen, Trafalgar, and Ealing Public Schools).

    I wanted to briefly share what I said to Trustees, as well as a couple of thoughts on the ARC process.

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  • Blackburn News: Bringing Back Halloween in Schools

  • Boo! Save our Halloween, says London school board candidate

    Metro London reports on Shawn’s proposal to bring back Hallowe’en:

    “It’s time to make sure there are ghosts and ghouls in London’s schools, a candidate for school board trustee has said.

    Shawn Lewis insists spooky fun should be the same, whichever classroom you’re haunting, and wants to exorcise the spectre of “orange and black days” that’s sometimes used as a less frightening replacement for Halloween.”…


  • Out with ‘Orange & Black’, Bring Back Hallowe’en

    Despite its ‘scary’ nature, a North American tradition shouldn’t be a frightening thing to celebrate and have some  spooky fun with in our public schools.

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  • Area Students Falling Behind

    The results speak for themselves, London area students are falling behind.  This is one of the reasons I am running for election as a School Board Trustee. I believe, especially in mathematics, we need to take a “back to basics” approach and refocus on core skills.

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  • A Fair, Consistent, School Transfer Policy

    What is best for students and their families is not always what is easiest or most convenient for the Thames Valley District School Board, but what is best for students should always be the top priority when requests to allow a student to attend a school outside their home “Attendance Area”.

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