I want to represent Ward 2 at City Hall, dealing with the issues that you bring to the table and making sure that your voices help shape the decisions that affect your daily lives:


  • Accessible to Ward 2 Residents:  A city councillor should be accessible and ready to engage with the people they are elected to represent in ways convenient to those people. I will be accessible by phone, email, facebook and twitter, not to talk at you, but to talk with you.


  • FIX EAST LONDON ROADS: Ward 2 residents pay property taxes too and we shouldn’t be last on the list every time when it comes to road repairs. Whether it is our Dundas St. commercial corridor or Calgary St. where the entrance to the new community centre will be, I will be a loud voice for road repairs in east London.

  • Free Public WiFi: You shouldn’t have to use your data plan to send a picture of your child playing hockey or post a score at the end of a game. Open WiFi also makes it safer and easier for youth to change plans and connect with their parents when they are out. I will work to bring public WiFi access to ALL City of London arenas and recreation centres. Other communities already do this and we do it in London at City Hall and our libraries already. We can offer it at all city owned facilities,

  • Better Snow Plowing Service: We need to plow less snow more often! Clearing main streets only doesn’t help if you can’t get out of your driveway and down your street. I will push City Council to reduce the threshold for sending out plows to residential streets from 10cm down to 5cm.

  • Safer School Zones & Streets: Families are understandably concerned about traffic speeding through neighbourhoods and the  congestion around schools that leads to unsafe situations. I will work with residents who want traffic calming measures (for example speed bumps), better crosswalks, and parking controls where they live. I will also work with our school boards to promote initiatives to improve traffic management around schools.

  • Get Building Overpasses and Underpasses: City Councillors have been talking about getting the trains out of London for over 20 years and we are no further ahead. EVEN IF CP and CN Rail agreed to move, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars or more and take years. Instead of waiting, it’s time to do what City Hall should have done decades ago, make a plan (the city doesn’t have one yet) to get building the overpasses and underpasses we need to reduce the impact trains have on getting around London. Adelaide Street is already happening, and I will push to make Clarke Rd is the next project and get a “to-do list” created on the next locations.

  • Better Bicycling: Whether for recreation or as their main means of getting around, many Londoners enjoy biking. But, we need to make it safer for everyone to get out and bicycle. That means planning for, and including new bike lanes as we rework and repave our roads and in our future growth.


  • Put the Brakes on BRT: Everyone agrees London needs better transit, but many people don’t feel the Bus Rapid Transit Plan currently proposed is what will get the job done and I agree. I support revisiting the current plan to reconsider our options; I will fight to ensure any plan that does go forward  delivers better bus service to Argyle residents who live here all year long instead of only focusing on Fanshawe College students who are only here 7 months a year.

  •  Better Bus Shelters at Every Transit Stop: Riding transit shouldn’t mean standing in the rain for half an hour waiting for your bus. I will work with fellow councillors and the London Transit Commission to ensure bus shelters at every bus stop, with solar lighting to provide better safety for early morning and evening transit riders,

  • Bus Bays at all Major Intersections: If London is serious about reducing congestion, City Hall has to recognize that buses are contributing to congestion every time a bus blocks a lane at an intersection, preventing traffic from flowing while passengers get on and off the bus. In Ward 2, Clarke and Trafalgar and Dundas and Clarke, or not far away at Hamilton and Highbury, we see examples of this everyday. I will work with City Council and the London Transit Commission to make creating these bus bays a priority.

  • Restore Seniors Discount Bus Tickets: It is great that London has provided free transit service for children under 12 and discounted service for teens, but seniors on fixed incomes are already having a tough time making ends meet. Helping youth “get on board” with transit shouldn’t come at the expense of seniors who rely on transit to get groceries or get to a doctor’s appointment. I will push to restore the discounted bus tickets for seniors.


  • Improve garbage collection and recycling programs and move ahead with a Green Bin program. While a Green Bin Program will have some upfront start-up costs, expanding or creating new landfill sites is even more expensive. We must take steps to reduce waste.

  • Tourism that makes sense for London: With me you won’t get proposals for plowing matches that belong in rural communities, or bridges to nowhere over the Thames River. I will work with Tourism London on the big initiatives that make sense, like the JUNO Awards or the World Junior Hockey Championships. And from baseball and hockey tournaments to east end attractions like East Park or Fanshawe Pioneer Village, I will work to promote opportunities to bring people to visit us.

  • Affordable Housing and Tackling Homelessness: A city council can’t “end poverty in a generation”, and shouldn’t pretend it can like the last council did.  But, a city council can deliver results to end homelessness. The City of Medicine Hat did it. Micro-housing projects in places like Detroit are doing it. London needs stop attending conferences and start putting those lessons to work and putting shovels in the ground in our community. It doesn’t just give those facing homelessness more dignity, it is  cheaper on taxpayers to put people in stable housing than it is to keep them in shelters.