After Phase 1 from Highbury to First was completed a couple of years ago, a major piece of infrastructure renewal is coming to Ward 2 this summer. Phase 2 of the rebuilding of Dundas St. east takes place this summer, with work beginning soon from First St. to Burdick. The work includes; watermain, sanitary and storm sewer replacements, utility upgrades, sidewalk replacement, streetscape improvements including lighting upgrades, curb replacement and at the end of course a new asphalt road surface.

    This is a MAJOR project has been staged to minimize inconveniences and maximize access. The timeline is subject to change and may vary depending on weather and other factors.

    • Phase A – Stage 1: First Street closed at Dundas Street intersection. Reduced lanes on south side of Dundas Street. Late April to Late May
    • Phase A – Stage 2: First Street open at Dundas Street intersection. Construction continues on north side of Dundas Street from First Street to Burdick Place. Late May to Late July
    • Phase B – Stage 1: Traffic moved to north side of First Street and Dundas Street intersection. Late July to early August
    • Phase B – Stage 2: Construction continues on south side of Dundas from First Street toBurdick Place. Early August to late September
    • Phase C: Burdick Place. Late September to early November
    • Phase D: Spruce Street north of Dundas Street. Late September to early November

    There will be traffic disruptions, but this is overdue and necessary work. I encourage people to utilize our other two east/west arterial roads, Oxford and Trafalgar, and as much as possible try to avoid the neighbourhood cut-throughs that impact residential neighbourhood streets.


    Manitoba St. & Churchill Ave:

    Also starting this month and running through the summer is a complete rebuild of Manitoba St. and the remaining section of Churchill Ave (Edmonton to Vancouver was done at the same time as Calgary St.).

    This project will get started the end of April and run through to September, and then a final top layer of asphalt will go down in the spring of 2023.

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