• Public WiFi is online at Argyle Arena!

    I’m happy to share that City of London, Ontario – Municipal Government Public Rec WiFi is officially online at Argyle Arena!!! (and just in time for the London Bandits Minor Hockey to host a hometown tournament this weekend).

    When I campaigned for election, I promised to work to ensure public Wi-Fi was installed at Argyle Arena for Ward 2 residents. I wanted Argyle residents to enjoy the same services as users at Bostwick or other new recreation centres were enjoying. Today I can say, promise made, and promise kept.

    Now coaches can show a YouTube drill to players during practice. The teens who time keep or referee games who might need to message home to change arrangements for a ride home can do that too. And parents want to send a picture from the game to grandparents will be able to do that as well. Everyone at the rink can use the city’s free WiFi instead of expensive data usage.

    And contrary to the false attacks made by some, the Library’s WiFi Hotspot lending program not cut. In fact it has expanded WITHOUT increasing Londoners property taxes.

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