• East Lions Park Space Opening for Summer Use

    London’s Ward 2 residents have some new recreation amenities to enjoy now that the majority of East Lions Park is open for use starting today.

    The park boasts a brand-new tennis court, two dedicated pickleball courts, a full basketball court, walking paths and even a couple sets of lounge chairs to enjoy the scenery. A unique first in London, the park also features a ping pong table with a metal net – just bring your paddles and a ping pong ball and you are all set to play. All of these features are now ready for the public to get out and enjoy.

    image of pickleball courts

    pickleball courts

    image of ping pong table

    ping pong table

    image of basketball court

    basketball court

    There are two parts of the park that are not yet open: the soccer field and the playground. The soccer field is fenced off to allow the newly planted grass to take root. The playground is still part of the community centre building’s construction zone. The construction fence around the playground has to stay in place for now as work continue on the community centre space itself.

    After years of waiting and multiple delays in construction of the community centre, finally the community can start enjoying the park again. This is a key milestone in the project’s completion .  Especially during a time when COVID restrictions have put a premier on outdoor activity spaces, making sure this space was ready for summer was a priority for Councillor Lewis and city staff.

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