• Community Safety & Crime Prevention Townhall

    Community safety and concerns about crime have been on the rise in Ward 2 and across the city recently.

    There is a sense that incidents of cars, sheds, and homes being broken into are on the rise in our area. This sense is not limited to the Argyle area. Council members from across the city, whether it is Councillor Lehman in Oakridge, or Councillor Peloza in White Oaks, or Councillor Squire in Old North, we are hearing these concerns all across the city.

    In response to concerns I recently hosted a virtual townhall meeting with Constable Fickling and PC Fountain from the London Police Service.

    If you are interested but were unable to attend, we recorded the video:

    I know when we find our car has been rummaged through, or something has been stolen from the backyard it leaves you feeling violated. I know it can feel like a waste of time to report it too because it doesn’t result in a police officer coming in person. I’ve been guilty of that myself. One of the important messages those who were at the meeting heard is make a REPORT.

    ONLINE REPORTING can be done at: https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/services/Make-a-Report.aspx

    Of course, calls can also be made to our police force:

    Non-emergency: 519-661-5670
    Emergency – Crime in Progress: 911

    It is important use 911 only for genuine emergency situations. When calling the non-emergency number there may be delays depending on the call volume at the time, so where you can making the online report is best.

    The police officers also talked to us about the importance of securing our homes, vehicles and belongings. For those interested an online version of the police “home security audit” is available here:

    Home Security Audit: https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/crime-prevention/Home-Security-Audit.aspx?_mid_=106293

    A downloadable PDF version for printing is also available here:London Police Service – Home Security Self Audit

    While it would be great to live in a world where we don’t have to take some of the security measures listed, the sad reality is that we do. So we have do our part to take away, or limit the opportunity, to become a victim of a crime. Following some of the steps in the home security audit can help us do that.

    Many people were interested in how they could up for themselves the number of criminal activities reported. The London Police do have a publicly available tool online that will show the local crime map at: https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/services/Crime-Map.aspx

    I know people were also interested in how they could be more proactive as a community and the issue of “citizen patrols” and Neighbourhood Watch efforts came up. For those interested the London Neighbourhood Watch you can find them online at: https://nwlondon.ca/

    As your City Councillor, I cannot interfere in the operations of London Police. Decisions as to how many officers are on what patrol assignment, or how calls are triaged coming in, or what charges are or are not laid, is something elected officials are prohibited from being involved in. This is to protect the integrity of the system from political interference. However, I can and will continue to keep the lines of communication open with our police and share information and community concerns with them.

    I appreciate the time those who were able to attend took to participate in the meeting, and hope that you will always feel welcome to be in touch on any issues in our neighbourhood.


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