• Brydges & Wavell Bike Lane Summer 2021

    This summer will see the city move forward with bike lanes on Brydges & Wavell Street. The project will also travel up Saskatoon and eventually continue up Second St. to Fanshawe College.
    This is part of the city’s “Cycling Master Plan” but we are moving ahead several years early because an alternate funding opportunity arose.
    Wavell bike lane map

    Residents will know I’ve voted different ways on different cycling projects around the city. To me, they have to make sense. This is one that makes a lot of sense to me.

    This project will connect;

    • Kiwanis Park (and by extension the Thames Valley Parkway) including the skate park,
    • St. Pius Catholic School,
    • Prince Charles Public School,
    • the East Lions Community Centre,
    • and Clarke Road Secondary School.

    PLUS, Princess Anne French Immersion and Lord Nelson Public School are only a couple of residential blocks away. Argyle Mall and the transit hub are also right next to CRSS. Beyond the current plan I hope to push for a direct connection to the mall. To that end I’m having discussions with our Thames Valley School Board Trustees about possible access through the CRSS property, as well as with Smart Centres in regard to the mall property. I will also be working to get secure bike lockers at the mall transit station.

    It would be hard to identify another location in London where so many schools and community amenities can be connected in such a short distance. An added benefit is the road narrowing will also provide a traffic calming effect.

    Most Londoners aren’t biking from one end of the city to the other. They may use their bicycles more often closer to home if they feel safer doing that. This is the kind of bike infrastructure, connecting neighbourhood amenities, that I think we should focus on more.

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