• Honouring Canada’s Battle of Hong Kong Veterans

    On November 16, 1941 Canadian troops arrived in Hong Kong to reinforce the British defence of the island against Japanese forces in WWII.

    To the day, 79 years later, Mayor Holder and myself were joined by Debbie Legg on behalf of the Hong Kong Veterans of Canada Association to mark the addition of a plaque commemorating the service of those troops to City Hall’s “Hall of Honour”.

    Debbie’s father Lawerence was one of those volunteers who served and after the fall of Hong Kong on Christmas Day in 1941, spent 4yrs in a POW camp before the Allied liberation at the end of the war. Debbie has been an incredible advocate fighting to make sure Canadians who served in the Pacific theatre are not forgotten. It has been a privilege to work with her to make this happen and even more a privilege to have her share the stories she’s collected from those veterans.

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