• New Playground for Kiwanis Park

    A great update for Ward 2 residents from council. We have officially approved the contract to begin the work for a new play structure in Kiwanis Park!

    Way back in 2017 we voted in the first Neighbourhood Decision Making program. Back then, before I was your councillor, I was promoting this opportunity as the chair person of the Argyle Community Association, encouraging people to submit their ideas and participate in the online voting. That year the Argyle area voted to have a naturalized playground installed in Kiwanis Park as our top choice for a community investment.

    However, at that time we were also working to get the pedestrian and cycling bridge over the CN Rail corridor to connect the Argyle and Fairmont neighbourhoods through Kiwanis Park. We also had to undertake bridge replacement work in Kiwanis Park South, over Pottersburg Creek at Trafalgar. This meant a delay in moving ahead with the playground. But, although the project was held back until this year, because of partnerships with the federal and provincial governments around the bridge work, we were able to invest a larger amount of dollars into the playground than the original Neighbourhood Decision Making program provided.

    Below is the concept drawing for the play structure with lots of wood and stone (instead of plastic and metal used in other play structures). This is not replacing the play structures elsewhere in the park, this is a new addition that offers a different type of play experience for our children than the other structures, because after all different kids like different things.

    concept image of playground

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