• COVID-19 London Local Update for April 30

  • Ward 2 Infrastructure Renewal: Churchill & Spruce Projects Approved

    Even during COVID-19, I am continuing to fight to ensure that Ward 2’s long list of needs gets addressed, keeping the promise I made to residents when I ran to be your City Councillor.

    Public construction work is still moving ahead where it involves the delivery of essential services the city provides and there is no more essential service than water coming into and leaving homes.

    Ward 2 has 2 such projects to replace watermains, sewers, sanitary sewers, resurface roads, and put in proper curbs and gutters where they don’t currently exist, ready to start construction in May (other projects, including Jena Cres, & Pottersburg Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Churchill project which will include Calgary St, are in the works with more to come on those later).

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  • Vimy Ridge Park Enhancement Plans

    As we mark the Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, unable to gather for public ceremonies or at the local Royal Canadian Legion branches due to COVID-19, it is still important to remember.

    CTV London Reports on Planned Enhancement for Vimy Ridge Park
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  • London COVID-19 Update April 4th

    Dear Londoners,

    We are in a critical period in the London region. The next 10 days or so are going to be very important in determining whether we are going to be able to start returning to a more normal situation for everyone sooner, or whether it is going to be a lot longer.

    I want to recognize the efforts of a large number of Ward 2 constituents, and those across the London who have already rallied to the call. Many of you have been stalwarts in doing your part to adhere to the changes required to flatten the curve. I know this is not being done without sacrifices on your part and on behalf of the City of London, I thank you for your steering the change needed to get through this.

    To quote our Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Chris Mackie from a statement made earlier this week:

    “I can’t make this any clearer, what we do now will determine how the situation unfolds…it is time to stay home and only go into the community for the essentials.”

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