• The FACTS: Public WiFi in London

    During the Multi-Year Budget process, City Council approved my push to go forward and start offering free public access WiFi in our recreation centres; arenas, pools, community centres, where it does not already exist (there is an inequality across the city where some facilities have it, some don’t).

    This was a campaign promise I made and I’m happy to have council’s support in delivering this, with a 12-3 vote in favour.

    I also want to be clear, about misinformation being circulated saying WiFi services at the public library were cut and then council funded this instead.

    THAT IS 100% FALSE!


    First of all the city NEVER funded the Library “hot-spot wifi program”. You cannot cut something you did not provide. The program was started with provincial–not city funding–and that funding from the province was then eliminated. Instead of asking the municipal taxpayer to pay more, the library board decided to pursue sponsorship and donor dollars to fund the program and it is fully funded for 2020 already.

    The Library program is also an annual cost that only provides free SHORT-TERM–a 3 week loan–home internet for a single library patron.

    Secondly the WiFi in recreation centres program will greatly expand the number of public access points across the city and means it will no longer be limited to just library locations, which are not always easy to reach for everyone.

    The image shows libraries in pink circles and recreation centres in blue.

    The WiFi for city recreation facilities is a one time install cost with no ongoing operating costs as staff will manage this within the existing IT services department. AND once in place will open a new advertising revenue stream to generate new non-tax dollars the same way we generate revenue selling rink boards in arenas.

    The motion to implement public WiFi in recreation centres and pay back the cost through new revenue generated by advertising and sponsorship of the WiFi service

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