Dear Argyle Residents,

    I know we’ve all been waiting a long time for the Argyle neighbourhood to get a proper community centre, over 19 years in fact.

    It was a privilege to stand with (then) Mayor Brown in the fall of 2017 and officially break ground on the construction site.

    And, it has been a disappointment to have the opening repeatedly pushed back from fall of 2018 to spring of 2019, to fall of 2019.

    Since being elected I’ve stopped by the work site and connected with the management team on a regular basis. I know they’ve been doing what they can.

    Unfortunately, it falls to me to share the bad news that we are still behind schedule.

    There are several reasons for this; structural steel not meeting quality standards and having to be sent back and replaced, an extraordinary number of days lost to weather that included both winter cold and spring rains (in May of this year we had rain 22 of 31 days!), as well as labour disruptions. A Plumbers strike and a Sheetmetal workers strike have meant delays in both on site work and materials available to do the work.

    The City’s fall Spectrum Programs being well into development meant a tough decision had to be made, and not being confident we could deliver program offerings in this location in time for fall start dates, it was decided to not plan programming for the fall.

    While the contractor continues to do their best in getting the community centre ready, the decision was made to push back the official opening until the beginning of the New Year.

    We hope that work might allow for a “soft opening” in late 2019, to give the community a chance to come in and enjoy the space in an informal way before an official grand opening, and if that is possible I will let the community know.

    I am not happy to have to deliver this news, and I know our new Parks and Recreation Manager Mr. Stafford is not thrilled to have to make this decision either, his roots are in east London and he knows the neighbourhood is waiting. But, we along with the Parks & Rec team are going to keep working to make sure the Argyle area has a great new community centre ready for everyone to enjoy when the doors officially open.



    Shawn Lewis

    City Councillor, Ward 2

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