• An Inside Look at Construction of the East London Community Centre

    Opening in the fall of 2019, even if it might not appear so from the roadside, construction of the East London Community Centre is moving along well.


    The walls are in. The flooring is down. The sun is shining in through some of the windows. It’s far from ready for a grand opening, but the East London Community Centre is getting closer. “It’s all roughed in and framed and taking shape,” parks and recreation boss Scott Stafford said as he showed off the facility. Drywall is next. The parking lot and grading work will begin soon. “Seeing the glass go in gives the sense that it’s starting to come together finally,” Ward 2 Coun. Shawn Lewis said.


    A massive pool, gymnasium, open-concept community lounge, meeting rooms, a group exercise studio and a community kitchen are all part of the centre. There won’t be any ice pads, though. “This is going to be a vibrant place where the community is going to gather to do all kinds of things, from cooking classes to aquafit and open swims in the pool to drop-in nights in the gymnasium,” Lewis said during a preview of the centre Friday.

    Read the full story at: https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/sneak-peek-at-east-london-community-centre


    Looking out across the community lounge toward the leisure and lap pools.

    looking toward “Service London” office space, change rooms and hallway

    a look down from up in the rafters

    a view from the rooftop, where a “valley” will contain the noise and keep the HVAC systems out of sight

    touring the site, heading up stairs for a peek from the rooftop


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