• End of 2018 Update

    Today we say goodbye to 2018 and prepare to start a new year. There is no doubt the future holds both challenges and opportunities for our city, and I’m confident we are ready to face them! Please take a minute to read this Ward 2 update and let me know what your priorities for City Hall are in 2019 by clicking the link at the end that will take you to a short survey.

    Today also marks the end of my first month as your city councillor and it has been a busy time. The first thing any new council has to tackle is the appointment of councillors to standing committees, as well as the appointment of both councillors and citizens at large to the 25 boards and commissions our city has.

    In addition to being your Ward 2 Council representative I will be serving as a representative on:

    • Community & Protective Services Committee
    • Civic Works Committee
    • Argyle Business Improvement Association
    • Tourism London
    • Middlesex-London Food Policy Council
    • Elgin Water Board

    I’ve also been working on some of the issues I talked with so many people about during the election campaign.  In January I have motions coming forward to council on improved snow plowing/snow clearing options, and providing public WiFi service in our arenas.

    At the City Council level, facing deadline from the provincial government, I took the lead and brought forward a motion for the City of London to “Opt-In” to cannabis retail store locations which passed by a vote of 13-1. There was no upside to opting out, but by opting in London receives provincial funding to help deal with social issues arising from cannabis use, gives businesses clarity that they are welcome here and recognizes that sale through a licensed retailer is safer and smarter than the status quo street sourcing of cannabis.

    Our new Council has also directed City staff to bring an expert on autonomous vehicles (aka, driver-less cars) to London to provide a presentation on this technology and it’s impact on transportation in cities to the “Rapid Transit Working Group”. I supported this important item, because up to this point discussions around improved transit or the proposed BRT project have not included this topic for consideration. In downtown Columbus Ohio, an autonomous shuttle bus is already providing limited service to the public.  We need to consider emerging technologies in our transportation planning.

    Council has also had it’s first look at the 2019 draft budget and first presentation on the development of Council’s new 4 year strategic plan. Both need to be completed early in 2019 and over the next several weeks I’ll be looking for your feedback, including your input at my first Ward 2 Townhall Gathering at the end of January (details coming soon).

    You can start to help me with that process now, by taking just a minute to complete a very brief survey to share your priorities with me at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GVNTNVM

    I look forward to working with you for our city and our neighbourhood in 2019. Wishing you a happy New Year!


    Shawn Lewis
    Ward 2 Councillor
    City of London

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