• Post Election Update

    First off, my sincerest thanks to the people of Ward 2 for placing their trust in me to represent them at City Hall for the next 4 years.  With 64% support, you’ve given me a strong mandate to work for you and fight for our neighbourhood.

    And, my deepest gratitude to all the amazing people who volunteered on my campaign.

    It has been one week since election day and it has been a whirlwind of interviews, collecting signs (I hope we got them all, if I missed yours please let me know), and trying my best to stay on top of the flood of phone calls, emails and social media messages of congratulations. I appreciate every single message, forgive me if I haven’t sent a personal note back, but please know I have been reading them.

    I’m still working on campaign clean-up, there are financial and other administrative things we have to do to close down the campaign, not to mention sorting out, cleaning up and getting several hundred signs into storage so I can see my garage again. And, I’ve have taken a couple short breaks to spend at the rink watching the boys play a little hockey.

    I’ve also had some meetings with senior people in a couple of city departments, boards and commissions, as well as with a couple of my new council colleagues to start chatting about getting to work on some issues.

    Officially I am your “Councillor-Elect”, I don’t take office formally until I’m sworn in at the beginning of December, but I’m laying the foundations to be ready to start the work of being the Ward 2 Councillor.

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