• Lewis & Morgan Unite Candidates for Better Snowplowing in London


    London: Getting plows on the streets and sidewalks sooner is key to improving snow removal for Londoners during the winter months say Ward 2 Candidate Shawn Lewis and Ward 7 Candidate Josh Morgan.

    “Improving snowplowing in London starts with plowing less snow, more often,” says Lewis. “Waiting until we have 10cm of snow on residential streets is why cars are getting stuck and driveways end up with snow mountains at the end of them when the plow finally does come by. Most people understand that main roads need to come first, but the streets where people live are being left too long. Especially when we have multiple days of snow falls, by the time the plows get to crescents and cul-de-sacs, people are driving on snow pack with ruts 6 inches deep or more. ”

    Ward 7 incumbent Josh Morgan agrees with Lewis that the residential streets need better service too. “Unfortunately the past council sold off some of the City of London’s snow clearing equipment, so we are going to have to investigate some capital expenses to buy new equipment, because we have to increase our capacity to meet the level of service we should be giving. That includes sidewalk standards waiting until we have 8cm of snow before we start clearing sidewalks is a problem. I think we need to lower that standard to 5cm.”

    Ward 10 Incumbent Virginia Ridley agrees, especially when it comes to areas around schools, “I’ve been proud to lead the way on lower speed limits in school zones. I’m glad to see that Shawn Lewis and Josh Morgan have included prioritizing school walking routes as an important component of better snow clearing. It’s a safety issue for parents and students during the winter.”

    Despite the first snowfall being hopefully weeks away still, Lewis says candidates in many wards have had considerable complaints from Londoners about the level of snow removal service in the community.

    Lewis and Morgan are pledging action to:

    • Get information from staff on lower the clearing of residential streets from 10cm to either 8cm or 7cm and bring forward a motion to improve residential street clearing that makes sense within the budget.
    • Investigate the capital costs for new equipment and options for faster response times during heavy or consecutive snowfall events.
    • Bring forward a motion to lower the threshold of sidewalk clearing from 8cm to 5cm.
    • Ask council to direct staff to review current snow removal routes and priorities, and ensure that school walking routes are cleared as a priority.

    Recognizing they need will need at least 8 votes to make these changes. In addition to Ridley, Lewis and Morgan have already talked with candidates Melanie O’Brien in Ward 1 and John Fyfe-Millar in Ward 13, and have their support. And although they disagree on other issues Ward 12 candidates Gord Evans and Elizabeth Peloza have also indicated they would support this plan.  Lewis and Morgan are inviting candidates in other wards to weigh in and let Londoners know where they stand on better snow removal too.

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