• Fully Focused on Ward 2

    I want to take the opportunity to dispel some rumors being circulated about my ability to serve effectively as your Ward 2 councillor.

    If I am elected as the new Ward 2 City Councillor I will be resigning my current position with MP Irene Mathyssen.

    I will be fully focused on the job you elect me to do on City Council. I will not be working a second full time job, nor will I be in a conflict of interest position.

    There are many items the city works in partnership with, or lobby’s the federal government for support on. I do not want to be in a position where I cannot be the voice of my constituents or vote on an issue at city hall because of a conflict of interest with another job. By resigning from the Member of Parliament’s staff, I will have no conflicts of interest. I will be free to be your voice!

    It also means that I will be devoting myself full-time to the job of being your City Councillor for the next 4 years. I won’t be spending $12,000+ a year on a contract assistant to do the job for me like the current councillor, I’ll do the job myself.

    That means when you call or email your councillor, you will get a response from me!

    It is going to take the full attention of a councillor to make a dent in the to-do list, after 24 years of the same person in the job part-time, our east London neighbourhood has a long list of things that need attention.

    Yes, this will mean I am taking a pay cut.

    I was aware of what a councillor’s salary was when I put my name on the ballot.

    I will manage my household budget with the same care that I will bring to looking at the City of London’s budget to keep your property taxes as low as possible while delivering the services Londoners need. It is about prioritizing the “need to haves” and recognizing the “nice to haves” sometimes have to wait.

    On October 22nd, a vote for Shawn Lewis is a vote for the only candidate you can count on to be fully focused on the job of being your city councillor.

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