• Local NDP & Conservative MPs Support Lewis for Ward 2

    Trusted, dependable, cooperative, responsible, words two sitting Members of Parliament are using to describe Shawn Lewis, as they throw their political support behind his campaign to become the new city councillor for Ward 2. But more remarkable than 2 sitting MPs endorsing a Ward level candidate is these two women is that it comes from across party lines, Irene Mathyssen is with the NDP while Karen Vecchio is with the Conservatives.

    Former Conservative MP Joe Preston, who is now running for Mayor of St. Thomas and has also expressed his support of Lewis says the reason is, “Shawn doesn’t let political party differences get in the way of putting the best interests of London and the region first. And as a London area business person, I think Shawn’s ability and willingness to work on good ideas, regardless of what political stripe a person putting forward the idea might have, is exactly the kind of attitude we need at London City Hall.”


    Shawn has been my full time constituency assistant in London since the day I was first elected in 2006. He’s been responsible for every duty possible over the past 12 years, returning phone calls and emails, attending meetings, doing the research, and working with community partners to help deliver federal funding and to help individual constituents with problems. I’ve trusted and depended on Shawn to look after things on the ‘home front’ in London while I’ve been in Ottawa being your voice in parliament. I know that Shawn will be a champion for his Ward and for London as a member of City Council.

    Irene Mathyssen, MP London-Fanshawe 2006-present



    I’ve known and worked with Shawn for the past 12 years. We held the same jobs for our Members of Parliament, and although I was a Conservative staffer and Shawn was an NDP staffer, partisan party politics never got in the way of the two of us working cooperatively to help our MPs promote local issues and needs.  My election as a Conservative MP in 2015 did not change that, because Shawn and I both want the best for London and the surrounding area. I look forward to continuing that positive work together with Shawn serving on London City Council, I know our doors will always be open to each other.

    Karen Vecchio, Conservative MP,  Elgin-Middlesex-London 2015-present


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