• Leading Ward 2 at the End of the 1st Period

    If the municipal election was a hockey game, this week marks the end of the 1st period.

    Municipal election signs can finally start going up this coming weekend and I’m looking forward to finally being able to deliver the many signs that have already been requested by voters across Ward 2.

    If you’d like to add your lawn to the growing list of spots the “Elect Shawn Lewis Ward 2 City Councillor” signs are going, just click this link and fill out the request: https://shawnlewis.ca/sign/

    As the signs start sprouting up, I wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the awesome volunteers who’ve been giving their time and energy to help get me elected.


    Like hockey, an election campaign is a team sport. As the candidate I might be the first line centre, but whether they are going door to door with me to talk to voters, delivering flyers on their own streets, or making some phone calls to score me a campaign donation, I can’t win without a team supporting me.

    I’m proud to say with their help the campaign has visited more than 50% of the homes in Ward 2 already to talk with voters and deliver information.

    And thanks to the generous donors who’ve supported the campaign so far, we’ve already been able to raise over 50% of the funding to run a full campaign. But, we still need help to raise the remaining $7500 to fund the rest of the campaign, if you are able please visit: https://shawnlewis.ca/donations/ and make a contribution, any amount helps!

    In a way, the start of the election sign campaign is like the start of the 2nd period in hockey, there is still a long way to go until the campaign is finished, but we’ve built an early lead and are going to keep working right up until the final buzzer on election day because after 24 years, we NEED a new voice representing Ward 2 on London City Council.

    So to; Matt, Jen, Mandy, Cheryl, Nancy, Nick, Joyce, Heather, Kris, Ryan, Kendra, Hadleigh, Victoria, Josh, Colleen, Linda, Jilla, Claire, Carol, Dave, Kerrie, Selma, Gord, Durk, Mike, Doug, Shelley, and Josh (yes we’ve got multiple Joshes), and of course my hockey boys; Adam, Brayden, Carter, Mason, Noah, Ryan (we have multiple Ryans too), Cohen, Jarrett, Ty, Ian, Dylan, Malcolm, Jacob, and Ethan, a very big THANK YOU!!! (And, l’m counting on you to give me some solid shifts in the 2nd period of the campaign!)

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