• Keep Vimy Ridge Park in Ward 2

    There is no better example of the difference between your choices for Ward 2 Councillor than the issue of Vimy Ridge Park.

    I worked with the community to go through the process to bring a motion to council to recognize Vimy Ridge Park. Council granted the space temporary park status in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The community has won the approval of the Vimy Foundation of Canada to keep this space as Vimy Ridge Park.

    But, instead of supporting the community led effort, the current Ward 2 Councillor has only criticized it and is trying to have Vimy Ridge Park removed.

    I say, while there are improvements to be made to make it more accessible such as paved pathway from the sidewalk to the monument, city hall should work with the community to enhance this park space and leave it right where it is.

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