• Discarded Needles a Problem in Our Parks

    No one has been stabbed or poked yet, but the club fears it’s only a matter of time until someone is jabbed.

    “The answer should never be to go somewhere else,” Bilger said. “This is an existing London park with a playground. This should be full of youth activity.”

    While the park is located in Ward 1, that has not stopped Ward 2 councillor candidate Shawn Lewis from being concerned.

    “This is a problem in most of our parks,” Lewis said.

    He said he would like the city to revisit the needle-exchange program.

    “It’s become a giveaway program rather than an exchange program,” Lewis said. “If people have to bring dirty needles back, it may cut down on some of this.”

    Lewis also suggested the addition of lights to some parks to deter unwanted activity. With the shortage of baseball diamonds in the city, lighting a park at night would allow for one extra game to be added the schedule each day, he said.

    “It kills two birds with one stone,” he said.

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    Used needles run afoul of baseball club

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