• Talking Tourism Goals for London

    On October 25th, I had the chance for the third time this year to sit down with the chief of Tourism London, John Winston. The impact of tourism on our local economy is really underestimated by most London residents, but it is huge.

    As a hockey volunteer, I know how many visitors come to our community for games and tournaments. Tournaments especially bring families to our hotels, restaurants, and shops, for weekends, contributing to our economic health.

    Likewise, I’ve had family come from out of the city for concerts at Budweiser Gardens, or a night at the Grand Theatre.

    From corporate gatherings to comic book conventions, the London Convention Centre also draws visitors to our city who made spend a day, or a weekend with us.

    And it goes beyond the people enjoying the entertainment, big events at the Convention Centre or Budweiser Gardens often require advanced staff arriving a day or two before to set-up, and those folks spend their dollars here in London too.

    We may be a secondary destination city, but tourism is a big contributor to our economy. BUT, being a secondary destination city also means we have to be realistic and focus on our strategic priorities we cannot be all things to all people.  As a city, the strategic plan we’ve adopted is 3 pronged, sports, music, and conventions are the events to go after as a city. We do those things well, and instead of being like a dog chasing squirrels in a park running off in all directions, we should focus on the things we are good at and do those really well!


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