• Why All Londoners Should Stand with Striking Cami Workers

    The reality is the economic under pinnings of London have been allowed to slowly rot away over the 20 years I’ve called this city home.

    First the internet’s digital revolution came for the white collar jobs, as the insurance and financial sectors downsized dramatically.

    Then automation started coming for the blue collar manufacturing jobs, that so many in the community looked down on as unimportant. And it wasn’t just the auto sector, places like Phillips lighting, where I once worked disappeared too.

    And throughout, corporate greed, empowered by so called free trade agreements, and the hollowing out of worker’s rights by provincial governments, made even good paying jobs more precarious.

    So in the face of that, it’s more important than ever that when our friends and neighbours go out on strike like the workers at CAMI have done, that we rally around them and say, enough is enough! Continue Reading