• Now Hosting #LdnOnt on Rogers TV


    I am honoured to be the new host, as of January 2016, on #LdnOnt TV London. The #LdnOnt TV show talks about current affairs in London (and the occasional provincial or federal topic) as seen through Londoner’s discussions on social media.

    Lots of traditions of #LdnOnt will be sticking around. Each week I’ll still have a guest on with me, we’ll still have “shout outs”, and your tweets will still be a part of the show. But we’re also trying some new things. We’re going to be trying to include more facebook, along with twitter chat. The show will be a bit more political, and because I’m someone who would consider himself a bit left of centre, some guests will be returning semi-regularly to talk about the issues from a right of centre view, and we might not always agree.

    And as my twitter profile will tell you, I’m a sci-fi and comic book geek, hockey fan and volunteer, and cool uncle, on top of being a political animal. So, don’t expect a button down and tie, the t-shirts will tell that tale.

    I hope you’ll tune in, we’re live, Thursday nights at 9:30pm (and sometimes delayed if the Knights game runs late, but I’m okay with that, I can catch the end of the game in studio).  And be part of the conversation with us. On twitter at: @LdnOntTV. On Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/LdnOntTV/?ref=hl



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