• Annual Low Cost Transit for Secondary Students

    Over the course of the past year, I’ve been working to help my friend Josh Morgan develop some policy ideas for his campaign for a city council seat in Ward 7. One of the issues we identified early on was the need to improve London Transit access to secondary school students.

    This idea would also make it much easier for students to participate in after school sports and clubs, to get a part time job, or to be more easily available to help out with family chores and errands.

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  • Taking the Active Communities Pledge

    As a student in elementary and secondary school, I walked or rode my bike to school pretty well daily. So did a great number of the kids I went to school with. The physical exercise did us good, even if we didn’t realize it. We need to foster an environment that allows us to get away from driving our children to school daily and get back to letting children walk or bike to school. That’s why I’ve signed on to the Active Communities Pledge for School Board Trustees.

    There’s a link for voter’s to take a pledge too!

    You can learn more about this initiative at: http://www.activecommunitiespledge.ca

  • Seeing Our Schools in Action

    I believe trustees have a duty to visit our schools and see for themselves what goes on during a regular day. That is the reason my first campaign commitment is simple. If elected, I pledge to visit 2 of the schools I am elected to represent–during the school day–each month during the school year.

    This doesn’t mean a photo-op visit with the principal, but a genuine visit to talk to parents, teachers, support staff, union representatives, and the students themselves.

    Through my website and social media, I will let constituents know which schools I have visited.

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